The AMS-005RX is a special prototype Mobile Suit piloted by Cinque Revel of the Trilateral Alliance.



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AWPS-059LE “Chemosh” - Acceleration ModuleEdit

The propulsion system of the Elohim, while quite standard in its normal state, is actually capable of burning a secondary prototype fuel first developed by Alliance scientists on Angel-4. Built with an on-board automatic synthesizer, the Chemosh Acceleration Module produces a drop of extremely unstable Hydrogen-6 derivative fuel and feeds it into the boosters, producing a burst of incredible speed. However, due to the nature of this intense burst of speed, the Elohim is capable of only moving in a single line, making it more of a tool to capitalize on already present weaknesses or suprise tactics (and retreat), rather then something that can be used straight out. The Chemosh system itself is capable of creating about 60 droplets over a 10 minute period, however the system itself puts a great stress on the pilot, greatly limiting its continuous use, although the physical limit varies from pilot to pilot.