The RSF-011U Coinvolto is one of the five main Rubicons of the EAU side in Eternal Rubicon. It is piloted by Takeshi Wakahisa.

Weapons Edit

JMC-R06A “Tamakushi” Advanced Oscillation RifleEdit

A long range rifle that uses ultra frequency vibrating kinetic ammunition to increase the penetrative power of the bullet. Deals high damage, but is mainly used at medium to short range engagements due to the vibrations causing targeting anomalies at extremely long ranges. Is capable of penetrating most reinforced materials, but can be stopped by extremely reinforced armor, making it less dangerous (though more usable) then its close combat counterpart, the Touka.

  • Number Carried: 1
  • Ammo Count: 8 rounds per magazine.
  • Range: 2-5 Squares.


JMC-R06C “Kagami” Advanced Sensory Buoy WebEdit

A field of sensory nanoparticles that is capable of covering the entire battlefield, Kagami is an experimental system made to enhance battlefield observation and control. Capable of observing any action on the battlefield, Kagami can be used to provide battlefield vision that not even the most advanced battleship sensor arrays cannot match. In addition to battlefield observation, Kagami can be used to survey the interiors of space bases and spaceships, highlighting their weaknesses and movement inside.

  • Number Carried: 1

JMC-T04 “Homura” Heat Transduction NetworkEdit

A novel heat redirection system fitted on the Coinvolto, Homura allows for the rapid redirection and cooling of heat, allowing for increased performance of the Rubicon in a specific area. By configuring the cooling lines on the frame, it is possible to boost either CLS, RNG or MNV by a single rank. These cooling lines can be then reconfigured as needed by paying the necessary EN cost, losing the previous buff, but gaining another.

  • Number Carried: 1
  • Energy Consumtion: 40 EN to change, 0 EN for 1 free pick before battle.

Rubicon Core Edit

Unique Attribute: Line Wormhole Complex - “Diocletian”Edit

An unique attribute of the Coinvolto, Diocletian is an inherent ability of the Rubicon to link two locations between each other, allowing for instantaneous movement from one location to another. This, along with its Kagami system, is why Coinvolto is classified in the “Special” category, as it is more akin to a Rubicon specialized in applying pressure all accross the battlefield, reacting immediately to disadvantaged units and providing instant battle support. Can also be used to transport additional Rubicons and equipment (but not battleships) but the EN cost is increased.

  • Energy Consumtion: 50 EN for a “jump” (increased with additional targets)
  • Limits: Attacks from 3 spaces and under cannot be avoided by teleportation​.
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