The RSF-014BA is one of the five main Rubicons of the EAU side in Eternal Rubicon. It is piloted by Taro Yamada.

Weapons Edit

JMC-R16 “Kanoke” High Acceleration Missle LaunchersEdit

A system that encompasses the six compartments surrounding the Mandragora. Through experimentation with magnetic railgun theory, Kanoke was the attempt by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to develop a missile launcher based on the same principles. While the project and the necessary projectiles turned out far too costly for mass-production, the conceptual prototype was installed on board the Mandragora. Each compartment holds 3 missiles, and is capable of shooting them off at extreme speeds. This, of course, greatly complicates their interception by standard beam or rifle technologies, as well as covering an exceptional amount of distance extremely fast. The one downside is that with the Mandragora’s current aiming software, extremely long range combat with other Rubicon sized targets is difficult, due to the high number of variables involved.

Due to their capacity of motion, the Kanoke can also be used to somewhat defend from incoming fire, by sacrificing the module.

  • Number Carried: 6
  • Ammo Count: 18
  • Range: No limit but 8+ is unreliable against mobile suit sized targets.
  • Effect: Travel Time, 1 Turn, Lower chance of interception due to extremely high projectile speed.
  • MAP attack: 6 Missles - 1-8 - Hits everything within 3 square diamond from the target point.

JMC-C03 “Michihi” Liquid Composite ArmamentEdit


  • Energy Consumption: 15 EN to change weapons.



Rubicon Core Edit

Unique Attribute: Kinetic Acceleration Pattern - “Septimus”Edit

The inherent capacity of the Mandragora Core to increase the speed of objects via the use of mass acceleration fields. By the use of this field, the damage of all kinetic projectiles, regardless of type, can be increased greatly, by reducing their overall weight and increasing the force applied to them. By paying an EN cost, normal kinetic damage is increased by 2 ranks and range by 1.

  • Energy Consumption: 20 EN

Unique Activation: UnknownEdit