The RTN-X09 Eternal Judgement is one of the five main Rubicons of the Alliance side in Eternal Rubicon. It is piloted by Zach Ayers.

Weapons Edit

SMWP-TPZ2 “Equinox” Multiple Module Disengagement SystemEdit

A system based on multiple remote controlled modules that can use beam technology to attack from independant angles and move freely, while seperated from the main unit. A technology that mimics the sophisticated AI drones of the EAU, but does not, in all actuallity rely on computer calculations at all, instead placing the entire load on controlling the system on the shoulders of the pilot. This means that the Equinox is nigh useless in the hands of anyone who does not possess near superhuman levels of spatial awareness and trajectory calculation, which has significantly limited its widespread use.

  • Number Carried: 4
  • Energy Consumption: 25 EN
  • Range: 2-5 Squares.





Rubicon Core Edit

Unique Attribute: UnknownEdit


Unique Activation: Fortis Gabriel - Blessed by the MightyEdit

The full manifestation of Gabriel system, Fortis Gabriel uses the energized particles created by the system to even further boost the output of the Equinox system. Once the EN cost is paid, all modules of the Equinox system are overloaded to the point where a single shot from a single module is equivalent to an attack by a positron cannon. Grants 4 wide scale shots (1 per Equinox module) that are capable of extreme damage. Can be used when wished, but the normal combat capacity of the Equinox system is disengaged while in “standby” mode.

  • Energy Consumption: 150 EN
  • Range: 7 Squares.

Upgrades Edit

OS OptimizationEdit

The Eternal Judgement's operating system has been reconfigured, though for better or for worse, one can't really say. While it is true that the Eternal Judgement seems to have more combat options available to it, that is from the perspective of someone whose electronic skills far outstrip the ordinary soldier. This means that in the case of its pilot: Zach Ayers, the amount of data available seems somewhat overwhelming, requiring him to completely focus on one aspect to take advantage of the new options.

When firing and not moving, RNG is increased by one rank. When firing and moving in the same turn, RNG is reduced by one rank. Can be overcome with MEK B or above or further combat experience.

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